Shipping & Delivery

Disodor uses SMSA Express for its delivery services across Saudi Arabia. We offer free shipping to our customers in Saudi Arabia for all orders greater than 150 SAR. Orders less than this amount will be subject to a 35 SAR surcharge. Our courier company will contact you to arrange delivery at your convenience.

Most Disodor customers receive their orders in 3-5 Business days. Please take in mind, that these are average delivery durations. It is important that you respond to phone calls from Disodor or Smsa express for address verification and arranging delivery, in order to delivery your shipment in due course.

The courier company offers delivery service within Major City limits. Any territory beyond the city limits will fall outside the delivery parameter and we would kindly ask you to pick up your orders from the nearest Courier Company office.

Order Tracking

Once your order has been shipped you will receive a shipment confirmation containing a tracking number (i.e 40459234745). Click here to track your shipment. Enter your tracking number into the empty field and click on “Track”.